Hey John,

I know I shared some on the phone, but I wanted to just share with you a little more!
Last night your message was incredible! I was trembling the whole message and my spirit was coming alive! It was so strategic and powerful! There was such anointing and life on your words. It was like an arrow being shot in the spiritual realm and I could feel a shaking! I could see the heavens shifting and also an agitation and rumbling in the enemy’s camp. I believe that we haven’t even grasped (yet) all that took place and happened last night! Just thought I would share that with you! I am so stirred up!


I listened to Sundays message again. I’m so messed up, tears, groans, trembling (can barely type) such an anointing…o God, give us your heart and let us take heed to the call to prayer. I see us on the verge of a deep valley (the glory) (the radical call) God is saying just take the step down and let go. Make the changes and you will see my glory manifest in Detroit!


It has been a great adventure to be at Revival Church and serve with John and Amy Burton.  During this time I have experienced amazing breakthrough and growth. The combination of freedom and consistent challenge that is found at Revival has caused my walk with God to be very alive and constantly moving forward.   So much fear and bondage has broken off my life. I am very grateful for John’s persistence in calling out destiny in people’s lives and the deliverance anointing that is on his life.  I am grateful that he is not afraid to make clear the mandate for God’s people to raise the bar in their lives so they will be a people who are deeply in love with God and willing to follow Him wherever He leads.  God is calling more to take the challenge and live the adventure!  Don’t hesitate to respond!


20 Elements of Revival- I just finished your book, 20 Elements of Revival. Wow! This is it. If the Church/House of Prayer at large could get this into their hands and read it before they opened the doors we could actually change the world! I’ve been talking to our leadership team- this book is #1 for all of our Core Leadership. It should be in the hands of every leader in the Body.


20 Elements of Revival- I just finished reading 20 Elements of Revival. Everyone should read this book! I wish I had the cash for a case of this book. Seriously! I keep thinking of more people who NEED a copy of it! It’s very, very, very rare for me to feel this way about a book other than the Bible.


Revelation Driven Prayer- “John Burton’s book on prayer hits the mark. It is the type of book that you can read and reread and be encouraged anew each time in your prayer walk with our Lord. We have to hear from God in a myriad of areas of our lives. That happens as we spend time with our Lord in prayer. Be Blessed and share this book with others that we all might have a deeper revelation of what our obedience will accomplish for the kingdom and for ourselves.”


Covens in the Church- During the process of deciding to heed a call of God to move to Colorado, a couple read Covens in the Church. They shared their testimony with me. They reported a great offense crawling up their spine as they read the book. It was hard for them to embrace. Through the process of prayer, they felt God confirming that what they were reading was what they needed to grasp as they were moving on. What they shared next was stunning. They went to their pastor and shared their call to move. However, they told him this, “Pastor, we honor you as our God ordained authority. Though we feel that we are to go, if you feel it is not the right move, we will honor you and stay. It’s your call.” Tears rolled down the pastor’s cheeks. He said, “I’ve been in ministry for 15 years and you are the first people who have ever asked me to partner with them as they moved on. Thank you."



God called you last night to rip open a revival in me, and it was REAL – building on the call and the BURNING I felt last Friday. Truly the Holy Spirit spoke into my life and burned through me – I was shaking from my feet up, like I was boiling. Your prophecies spoke to deep, deep rooted lies and hurts. I left wanting more -I woke up in the middle of the night still talking to God. I asked him to keep my revival going through my dreams so I would not have to let go of Him – and I dreamt all night of praising Him powerfully. There is such a strong desire in me for more intimate encounters with the Spirit. I ache – ACHE to hear his voice, and PRAISE JESUS I have HIM with me always! I will be back and I am ready to be part of God’s incredible work here in Detroit!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for ushering us into that closeness with the Holy Spirit. His calls keep getting louder – and I want nothing more than to respond.



Just finished reading the two books you gave me…and I am buzzing in the Holy Spirit! My wife and I had an hour conversation about the depth of their implications. You have nailed it my friend. I have met few people who have put all this together….and I am in awe and grateful. I want all our leadership team to especially read 20 Elements of Revival.



For the rest of my life I will never forget the first day of real POWER encounter: People strewn all over the floor, John on the stage sitting, facilitating. He said, Mike lay your hand on Devaun, and WOW… that was it. Trying to keep my self on my feet was all I could do and I could not even do that. Down on the ground I went. When I came up i was a changed man. There is no doubt, changed for life. I desire more change, I will not settle for anything less. I will no longer accept powerless services. I want more, more, more, more.



WOW!! We are still reeling from your visit…every single leader has had a dramatic transformation. Reports of dreams, visions, healings and deliverances keep pouring in. We cannot thank you enough for the powerful message and ministry you brought to us.


Sorry to keep bothering you bro, but I have to say that whatever happened in the spirit realm when you were here has not stopped. Things are happening all around us and there is a real anticipation of something STRONG and POWERFUL on the horizon. Some real stuff seems to be ready to break.


Hey John, Bro, I ain’t got no words. You may never know the impact that you have had on all of us.
I will tend the coals and they will be burning when you return. Go low.


God wants us before him night and day. John taught us so much.. To burn!
I haven’t stopped and I will not stop… I want more of him and only him.. I will not be satisfied with the lesser things.


I got down on my knees and 2 people came over and prayed over me and instantly my body filled with the fire of God and I was burning so hot that it was almost unbearable, yet it was so amazing and powerful. I was sitting there sobbing… God moved, and it was amazing, and I just have so much joy in my heart from it. Not happiness, but pure true joy. I LOVE JESUS!


The burning and shaking I felt returned and has been continual for the past several days. It comes and goes everytime I pray now. The fear and presence of God has been ALL over me. It’s amazing. The shaking and burning has been with me for most of this week ever since Monday night.


JOHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!! It is Hannah Z from IHOPE!!!! I FELT THE FIRE LAST NIGHT!!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODD!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! GOD IS MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!! I woke up in the middle of the night burning too!!!! But at the service I think some dude’s back got healed and a lot of people got touched!!!!! It was fun!! God Bless You!!!!


Wow. So God totally moved this week. A fire was started, and it is nowhere near dwindling. It’s burning stronger and stronger with every minute that ticks by. My life wasn’t just “affected-” I am permanently changed and the passion for God in my heart is growing and yearning and just intense!


I wanted to drop a quick note to say, Thank You! What an incredible weekend. Your teaching was deep revelation from the heart of God. I have spoken to several people about the services and everyone was extremely encouraged and excited. We have been praying for revival for years and since Jan. 08 we have increased our prayer in both time and the number of intercessors. Your time with us at Way of the Cross was a divine appointment to take our church to a new level in the Lord and prayer.


The Sunday night service was amazing, the message on being a forerunner (on target message) and people getting rocked by the Holy Spirit all over the sanctuary. After the service was over everyone wanted to linger in the presence of the Lord. I look forward to your return to spend more time with us at WOTC.


I so enjoyed and was blessed by the Holy Spirit. God has been stretching my territories, as I have asked Him to do, but in ways I’ve never dreamed. I thank God for using you and I thank you for allowing God to use you.


“I’ve never heard a more dynamic couple speak at a retreat. May God bless you as you continue your ministry at Revolution”


“John, thanks so much for listening to God’s heart! It changed my life. I’m crying, but I feel happy inside- a happiness I’ve never felt.”


“Thanks John and Amy for never getting tired and always doing what is right. You are inspiring me to go deeper and pray more. I am so sick of church as we know it. I am seeking hard after a SUSTAINED revival.”


“Both John and Amy are amazing servants of the Most High God! They have an incredible amount of faith, and passion. After years of living in sin and disobedience God lead me to Revolution Church in Manitou Springs, where John and Amy taught, by example, how we can all have a real, and intimate relationship with God. Their ministry and passion helped to change the course of my life forever!”


“I have had the distinct honor of praying 100s of hours with Pastor John Burton. He is a man on fire for God. I love to get around John just to stoke the embers in my own heart. He is uniquely gifted by the Lord to see how the Holy Spirit is moving in a church or city. His perseverance, faith and prophetic insights combine to lead the church out of passivity and lethargy into a vibrant, love-ablaze passion for Christ.”


In reference to John, I can’t say enough good things. The first thing that caught my attention about John, was that he prays. Not just a little, not just some, but a lot. That time spent in prayer produces an intimacy and a clear recognition of God’s voice. Having run this race with him for awhile, I have seen him receive and faithfully steward clear prophetic vision on a consistent basis that is confirmed repeatedly by numerous sources outside of his immediate ministry. As his primary intercessor for several years, what strikes me is the intensity of the fire and anointing on his preaching and teaching and the impartation that God pours out through him. The word he delivers always hits the mark with what God is speaking and with what the Lord has been giving me in intercession for him and those he is ministering to. John is a forerunner who does not bend to the fear of man. He stands on the prophetic word of the Lord for the city, the nation and the world, knowing that God will accomplish what He has spoken because nothing is impossible for God. I will gladly serve him as long as God allows. He is an awesome man of God. 


“This is a man following after God’s heart and call on his life.
Personal time with God and prayer time with God, that is so important at this time of our Christian walk, is John’s priority. As a result, his preaching and teaching brings the Fire of God into the arena. That Fire can do nothing less than quicken your spirit for what God has for you and what God’s plan for your walk with Him is. Be Blessed by having John visit your church or ministry. I was!”


“John & Amy, Thank you for being true to who you are and showing us a different aspect to who God is. Thank you for bringing your experiences of who God is. You both have been a blessing.”


“John & Amy, what an anointing you two have. Thank you for being faithful.”


“John, your message changed my life.”


“Thank you both for your overwhelming compassion, strength and wisdom. This weekend will, no doubt, be the beginning of a wonderful journey. Thank you for inspiring my search for God’s will for my life.”


“John & Amy, God used you to deliver a mighty and healing message this weekend.”


“Thank you two so much for sharing the love of God this weekend. It changed my life forever!”


“John & Amy, most of all, thank you for helping us know how to listen to God. It’s been something I needed and I believe the group needed. Thanks for the time, the message and the love you guys poured out on us. We love you.”


“Now, I admit that I am prejudiced, since Pastor John Burton is my son. However, I know his heart better than most, and it is a huge heart, full of passion for the lost and for building up the Body of Christ. He is an excellent communicator and connects with people of all ages. Most important, he constantly seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is committed to prayer, has a great family who loves and supports him, and seeks daily to be like Jesus. I strongly endorse him for ministry in your church and your area.”


“John, what an enthusiasm and passion you have for Jesus Christ! Your innovative and compelling presentation of Hope and Healing was one that inspired EVERYONE in attendance. You made us all want to seek out and discover our personal “CAVE EXPERIENCE”. John, continue the excellent work. I pray that God will give you opportunity to share with many others across the country. I would recommend you to any Pastor or ministry leader looking for a fresh (Faith-Lift) for their people. God Bless you!”