All Online Memberships Include:


theLab University ResourcesBooks & Resources

John Burton has written several books and other materials. Many of these resources and our growing archives are provided as a part of your enrollment.


theLab University InstructorsExpert Instruction

You will study and receive impartation from leaders who are regularly continually invested in the prayer movement.


theLab University MobileA Mobile Ready Environment

Watch training videos, read articles and books and access materials while you are at home or on the go.


theLab University CostAn Unbelievably Low Tuition

It doesn't get cheaper than FREE! Our goal is to impact a generation of emerging forerunners and carriers of fire. We desire everybody who desires to be equipped to have that opportunity.



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You may distribute books, resource and course materials freely in your church or anywhere else.

Lead Instructor:

John BurtonJohn Burton - The School of Revival Director • John has been developing and leading ministries for over 20 years and is a sought out teacher, prophetic messenger and revivalist. John has authored ten books and has appeared on Christian television and radio.

Additionally, he planted two churches and has initiated two city prayer movements. John also has a web and graphic design business and is continually developing new and exciting ventures. He and his beautiful wife Amy have five children and currently live in the Branson, Missouri region.

John’s mandate is to call the church in the nations to repentance from casual Christianity and to burn in a manner worthy of the King of Kings.  He is equipping people to confront the enemies of God (established religion, Jezebel, etc.) that hinder an extreme, sold-out level of true worship.

The School of Revival Classes:

  • The Coming Church
  • Becoming Unoffendable
  • Six Enemies of Fulfilled Destiny
  • Carriers of Fire
  • A Spirit of Insignificance
  • Prophetic Messengers
  • Covens in the Church
  • Pharaoh in the Church
  • Revelation Driven Prayer
  • The Terror of Hell
  • Carry Like Mary
  • Four Fires

For more information on our classes, go HERE.


The School of Revival is a unique school of fire that is designed to equip people from high school on up as intercessors, forerunners, prophetic messengers and students of the Word. The subject matter is alive and intense, designed to challenge and impart the knowledge of God.

You will experience a fiery prophetic online school that will equip you and prepare you for end-time ministry.

The School of Revival is a perfect option for individuals, small groups, high school students, families and others interested in growing deep.

After completing your twelve week session, you will retain access to the members only site for three additional months so you can stay connected, review past teachings and more!




A typical weekly schedule:


Each week will be devoted to a single primary teaching that you will watch or listen to.

After watching or listening to the teaching, you will be given an assignment to study and homework to complete.

Practical assignments such as prayer walking, developing sermons and planning mission projects will help you strengthen as an emerging leader!