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School of RevivalClassesEnrollCurrent StudentsSchool of RevivalSchool of Revival


We have made The School of Revival FREE of any fees. You may distribute the books and resources and course materials in your church, among friends or anywhere you feel they would benefit others in their pursuit of revival.


God called you last night to rip open a revival in me, and it was REAL. I was shaking from my feet up, like I was boiling. His calls keep getting louder – and I want nothing more than to respond. ~Katie

I am very grateful for John’s persistence in calling out destiny in people’s lives and the deliverance anointing that is on his life.  I am grateful that he is not afraid to make clear the mandate for God’s people to raise the bar in their lives so they will be a people who are deeply in love with God and willing to follow Him wherever He leads.  God is calling more to take the challenge and live the adventure!  Don’t hesitate to respond!  ~Amy

WOW!! We are still reeling from your visit…every single leader has had a dramatic transformation. Reports of dreams, visions, healings and deliverances keep pouring in. We cannot thank you enough for the powerful message and ministry you brought to us. ~Ron

God wants us before him night and day. John taught us so much.. To burn! I haven’t stopped and I will not stop… I want more of him and only him.. I will not be satisfied with the lesser things. ~Vicki

I got down on my knees and 2 people came over and prayed over me and instantly my body filled with the fire of God and I was burning so hot that it was almost unbearable, yet it was so amazing and powerful. I was sitting there sobbing… God moved, and it was amazing, and I just have so much joy in my heart from it. Not happiness, but pure true joy. I LOVE JESUS! ~Hannah

The burning and shaking I felt returned and has been continual for the past several days. It comes and goes everytime I pray now. The fear and presence of God has been ALL over me. It’s amazing. ~Sara

John, thanks so much for listening to God’s heart! It changed my life. I’m crying, but I feel happy inside- a happiness I’ve never felt. ~Melanie

I have had the distinct honor of praying 100s of hours with Pastor John Burton. He is a man on fire for God. I love to get around John just to stoke the embers in my own heart. He is uniquely gifted by the Lord to see how the Holy Spirit is moving in a church or city. His perseverance, faith and prophetic insights combine to lead the church out of passivity and lethargy into a vibrant, love-ablaze passion for Christ. ~Dr. Mell Winger, Pastor of Prayer, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO

The School of Revival is a unique training experience that is designed to equip people as intercessors, forerunners, prophetic messengers and students of the Word. The subject matter is alive and intense, designed to challenge and impart the knowledge of God.

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